Software & Stored Procedures

PivotViews pricing is a per‐site (per‐server) subscription model; the license must be renewed each year. We are constantly improving the product and expect to release regular updates. A subscription model reduces complexity for us and helps keep costs down for you.

PivotViews can use any stored procedure that returns a tabular result set. Multiple result-sets in one stored procedure for Master/Detail reports are also supported.  Any number of parameters (including none) may be used.  In practice, most stored procedures tend to use between zero and six parameters.

Stored procedures that only return output parameters or a return value are not supported. Return values (if any) with tabular data are ignored.

SQL Tables, Views, and Table-Valued Functions are not supported at this time. Although we have no plans to do so, we will re-evaluate if customers ask for it.

PivotViews depends upon stored procedures to retrieve data. Your database developer or administrator should be able to create stored procedures.  Your software reseller/VAR should have a developer on staff or on contract. These are your best choices because they will already have a good understanding of the modules in use at your site. However, we will provide development services at a modest cost to help you get the most out of your investment. See details below.

Per year per site

$ 1,776
  • Support is free and unlimited.
  • Unlimited users
  • Does not include creating stored procedures.

Stored Procedure
Development (flat rates)​

$ 100
  • For simple stored procedures that (in our estimation) require less than two hours to develop and test


Stored Procedure
Development (flat rates)​

$ 200
  • For procedures that require two to five hours of time.


Stored Procedure
Development (flat rates)​

Call for estimate 212-956-7567
  • Complex procedures or those that require a lot of development and testing time will be priced individually.

Try PivotViews – No Restrictions or Limitations

Download & Install

Download and install a fully-functional 14-day trial; use it with your own data. (We can help you install and configure).

System Requirements

Over the Internet

Try PivotViews in a remote desktop session using our demo data; no installation required.

System Requirements

None! (Well, you do need a PC that can run Microsoft’s remote-desktop protocol, which includes practically any Windows PC.)

Need help? Call our support team at (212) 956-7567

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