• Run Reports Quickly and Easily

All your reports are together in one place, run the same way.  You can sort, categorize, color-code, search, and filter reports to quickly find exactly the one you need.  Parameter entry is easy, and you can create single- or multi-select lookup lists from your data (customers, vendors, part-nos, whatever you need).  If you have Crystal or SSRS reports, you can integrate these into PivotViews.

  • Re-use and Share

You can save your analyzed-and-customized report (including layout and parameters) as a “favorite” for subsequent re-use.  You can easily run a favorite layout with different parameters.  And you can share favorites with your colleagues. 

  • Analyze and Customize

Work intimately with reports by simply dragging-and-dropping fields into new locations, or by dragging them onto or off of the report canvas.  Quickly sort, filter, and even create your own calculated fields.  With Pivot Views, flexible formatting and tailoring of reports lets you analyze the exact information you need at the click of a button. Fast performance makes analysis a pleasure rather than a burden.

  • Print and Export

Optionally include company name, logo, parameter values, and other settings when printing.  Export to a variety of formats, including PDF, Excel, CSV, and XML.

(Everything in one place)

Report-list: Everything is there, in one place

Even with results showing, your report-list is still there. No separation; no bouncing back-and-forth between list of reports and results

Plays well with others: run Crystal and/or SSRS reports directly from within PV.

(sort, group, categorize, color-code, and search your list of reports with ease)

Sort by any column.  Drag a column (shown here in-progress) to rearrange as you wish.Color-code reports for easy identification

Group by Report-type: Pivot, Table, Crystal, SSRS.

And/or by Category (you make up the categories, as many as you wish)

Search/Filter: as your list grows, you can still easily find what you need

(single- and multi-select lookup lists – searchable. Reusable across reports)

Single-select Lookup-lists (searchable).

Multi-select Lookup-lists (searchable).

(each report-run in its own tab, available until you close it. Optionally view side-by-side or above-below simultaneously)

Each report run appears in its own tab

Optionally view multiple tabs simultaneously, either for the same report (probably with different parameter values!)

Or different but related reports.

(summarize, group, sort, filter, modify layouts at will. Add calculated fields)

Sparklines show patterns and trends easily.

Master/Detail with Drilldown

Summarize and Modify Layouts easily.

Here's an original report.

30 SECONDS of work gets you a new version. (You can save this arrangement as a Favorite so you don't have to repeat even that 30 seconds of work.) ​

Easily add calculated fields.

Original report: no commission.

Add calculated field:

After: there’s your new field.

(Save and Share your work, including any layout changes, filters, and calculated fields.)

Save (and share) new layouts for

Every report can have its own set of "favorites", which preserve layout changes, analysis, and parameters.  Easy to re-run, and they don't clutter your main list.

Re-running a favorite is easy.  If you have lots of them, you can even search your Favorite list.

(include logo, company name, parameters used, Favorite used, and other Options. Export in a variety of formats)

Print-options offer great flexibility.  Include parameter-values to tell your audience exactly what's behind the data.

Enough export formats to satisfy everyone (everyone who's reasonable!).

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