PivotViews for Microsoft Dynamics GP Users​

PivotViews arose from a Dynamics GP consultancy as a way to make reporting and analysis life easier for ourselves and our clients. We are intimately familiar with the many trials and tribulations that traditionally plague GP reporting, so we wanted to make getting started particularly easy for GP users.

More than 20 ready-to- run GP reports, in several categories.

  • Multi-company and consolidated reporting
  • Financial statements; get P&L or Trial Balances in seconds
  • Fixed Assets
  • Sales and Budgets
  • Receivables and Payables

Using these included reports as examples or templates, you can easily create new reports that take advantage of the same features (some of which are noted below).

Multi-Module, Multi Platform Reporting

Combine data from multiple modules on the same report. Easily work with third-party GP add-ons. Run Crystal and/or SSRS reports directly from PivotViews.

Multi-Company Reporting

PivotViews makes this straightforward. With easy-to- use multi-select lookup-lists you can choose exactly the companies you want to see on any report.​

Intercompany Reporting

See transactions between related companies.​

Integrated Crystal and SSRS Reporting.

  • Run your Crystal and SSRS reports
  • All reports together in one place
  • Same easy parameter-entry and use of Lookup-list
  • Preserve your existing investments in these reports

Get the Most out of Third-Party Add-Ons

Third party add-ons offer excellent ways to extend Dynamics GPs functionality into specialized areas such as Manufacturing, Advanced Bank Reconciliation, Advanced InterCompany, Collections Management, Inventory Size/Color Matrix and hundreds of specialized modules. You may have implemented a few of them in your business.

Often, these add-ons work well with standard Dynamics GPs modules but have difficulty working with other third-party add-ons. With PivotViews, you can leverage your investment in these add‐ons. Combine data from various third‐party modules to get the most out of them.

Try PivotViews – No Restrictions or Limitations

Download & Install

Download and install a fully-functional 14-day trial; use it with your own data. (We can help you install and configure).

System Requirements

Over the Internet

Try PivotViews in a remote desktop session using our demo data; no installation required.

System Requirements

None! (Well, you do need a PC that can run Microsoft’s remote-desktop protocol, which includes practically any Windows PC.)

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